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Nail art is a great way to show off your unique style, and many options are available for selection. Whether you want to go with a classic French manicure or try something a little more daring, we’ve got you covered.  

Different Types of Nail Art 

There are different types of nail artistry, from simple and understated to elaborate and eye-catching. Below are just a few of the most popular types of nail artistry in Vancouver Nail Salon

French Manicure: A French manicure is a classic look that always stays in style. It involves painting the tips of your nails a light, sheer colour while contrasting the rest. 

Stripes: Stripes are another classic nail artistry look. You can use any colour combinations you like or go for a monochromatic look with different shades of the same colour. 

Polka Dots: Polka dots are a fun, retro-inspired look perfect for any occasion. You can use any size of dots in any colour combination you like. 

Essential Tools Needed for Nail Art 

To get started, you’ll need a few essential tools. These include a base coat, nail polish in your desired colour, a top coat, and various nail artistry tools like a brush. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, add fun extras like glitter, rhinestones, or stickers. But be careful not to go too crazy—remember, less is more when it comes to nail artistry! 

Tips for Mastering the Basics of Nail Art 

  • You have the essentials down now, so it’s time to start showing off your unique nail artistry style! Here are a few tips on how to master the basics. 
  • The first step is to choose a base coat that suits your chosen design. There are many different shades and finishes to choose from, and the best thing to do is experiment with various combinations until you find one you like. 
  • Once you have your base coat, you can choose nail art designs. There are so many creative possibilities here! Why not start with something simple like a heart or a flower if you’re overwhelmed? More advanced techniques may require special tools such as dotting pens and stripers, so explore all available options. 
  • Finally, keep practicing and experimenting with different tools and techniques until you feel comfortable with them. Before long, you will be creating unique works of art on your nails! 


Nail art is a way to show your personality and style through your nails. There are no rules—you can get as creative as you want! You can use different colours, patterns, and even textures to create a look that is all your own. So what are you waiting for? Get creative with your nails!