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What is a pawn shop?

From time to time, a lot of people get broke and wonder where to get money. Sometimes the bank does not offer the required solution, especially when you need a quick fix. This is where a pawnshop comes in handy. This article takes a look at the definition of pawn shops and things to consider before offering your items as collateral. 

Pawn shop definition 

A pawn shop is a place that offers loan on collateral. The person requiring a loan visits the pawn shop with an item, he/she wishes to pawn, such as, jewellery, coins or television. The pawn shop worker or owner examines and determines the money it is worth. You are then offered the money at a specific interest rate and told to repay within a certain time period. 

Things to consider before pawning an item 

While a pawn shop, may provide an easy solution, it is vital to consider the following before heading there: 

  1. Worth of the item 

Walking into a pawnshop blindly, without knowing the price of your item is a very bad idea. The item may end up being valued at a very low price. Typically, they usually offer a lower value for an item but some items are worth a lot. Knowing the value may enable you negotiate for a better deal. Failure to know the worth, may lead to exploitation.  

Similarly, if the item is worthless, no one is interested In taking it as collateral. 

  1. Ask if its worth it 

Some items are just priceless, like, family heirlooms and souvenirs. Most people prefer not to part ways with such items though times may be difficult. If you are sure of paying the loan plus interest on the agreed time, then go ahead. In case, there is a fifty chance, it is better not to risk it. Of course, if it is a life and death situation, the decision may be taken out of your hands. If the money is for frivolous things it is not worth it. You may end up pawning an item thinking of getting it back, only to fail in getting the money on the agreed date. 

  1. The rules 

Every establishment, has its own set of rules, some are favorable others are not. Therefore, it is of vital necessity to ensure that you get opinion from different establishment. Don’t just walk into it and pawn an item without checking if there are others that offer better deals. Walk into various shops and talk to different people. Afterwards, choose a place that offers the best deal. 


Pawn shops are sometimes a perfect solution to your short term money needs. However, it is very important to tread carefully and never lose your pawn receipt. It has a summary of all the loan terms. Often, people lose their valuable items in such places. Visit them only when you are sure to repay the money. Priceless items should only be pawned if it is a last resort but generally, these are the best places to get quick and easy loans shops for pawn near me USA .